Boston-based NASCENT combine progressive rock, heavy metal, jazz and avant-garde influences in (mostly) long format instrumental music. Complex, innovative and highly technical, the goal of the band has always been towards exploring composition and unearthing an underlying narrative.

NASCENT began as an outlet for some musical ideas Jeff Briggs had been developing while pursuing an MFA in painting. Joined by drummer Libor Hadrava 2005 for what was initially conceived as a one-off project, an ongoing collaboration developed. A demo turned into a full-length album. A project turned into a band. The band finished a self-produced and self-titled full length in late 2006 and released it in January 2007.

Starting in September 2009, the band began intermittent sessions for Methods for Detection, Analysis, and Isolation. Finished in 2013 the album further refines the bands unique approach to progressive rock/metal. Heavier than the debut, the arrangements here are more intricate and varied as well as completely instrumental. Recorded and Produced by the band, Tom Hanslowe returns on bass for a couple tracks, as well as violins briefly on the final track ...And Bleakness. Chris Poland (Ohm/Megadeth) also contributed to the last song with a ripping guitar solo. Thank you Adam Lampton for the cover photograph. Methods... is released on the bands own Heraclitus Records.